It is a beauty advice which you would have heard over and over again but when you are using the dozens of little foundation on your face, then it will cause severe damage on to your face. Where these foundation creams present on your face turns out that your body does some of the pretty vital maintenance work at night time. So if you have a youthful and clear skin complexion then you might want to fight with those foundation radicals and it takes long enough to wash your face before you wake up.

Sleep is the time where during this time your body repair itself from the stress of the day, the dermatologist’s states that while you sleep the growth hormones stimulates and renews all organs of your body including the skin. During this time the growth hormones does the work of repairing the damage skin that comes from the free radicals, sun and pollution.

Causes of pimples on face in adults

A pimple is a small papule or pustule and it is developed when the oil glands or sebaceous glands become infected and clogged, leading to the swollen it makes the red lesions filled with the pus. This pimple is also known as the zits or spots where it is a part of the acne and it most likely occurs around the puberty but this pimple can happen for all age people.

During the puberty the hormone production changes where this can cause the sebaceous glands available at the base of the hair follicles to make the pimples overactive. As a result this pimple is most likely occurs during the teenage years and for women it also occurs around the menstruation days. Generally the pimples can happen when the pore becomes clogged with the dead skin and sebum and this sometimes leads to the inflammation and infection. Although the pimples are related to the bacterial infections where these pimples are not contagious, in which one person cannot gets or catch pimples from another person.

Leaving a dirty face to bed may cause acne

It makes sense that when you are using a dirty pillowcase then it could translate into the acne, every night when you sleep the oil and dirt are transferred from your skin to your sheets. Especially if you are not washing your face regularly or often before going to bed then dirt and oil present in your face can build up the fabrics of your sheets and pillowcases overtime. When you move around in your sleep then it creates the fiction and if your pillowcase is dirty one then it can leads to the acne problem so it is very necessary to wash your face regularly.

Acne is caused by the combination of high oil levels; sticky skin cells present in the hair follicles blocks the oil from free flowing, inflammation in your skin and acne causing the bacteria. While the dirty bed and pillow sheets may cause an acne flare in body of some people. However, these dirty sheets won’t do any favour to your body skin where it can cause your skins immune system to become weak, overwhelmed and increase the chances of the bacteria to cause the acne problem overflow. You can be free from this acne problem just by using the oil cleanser where you can get rid of the acne issues. If the pillow or bed sheet detergent is not washed properly then it can build up within the weave of the fabric and it causes the irritation, peeling skin, red and leaves your face with itchy.

Why you shouldn’t sleep with makeup on?

Most of the people feel that taking off the makeup before going to bed is a time consuming process but it is very much important to spend extra few minutes of time and small bit of effort to clean off your face. Experts says that one night of sleeping with makeup on is unlikely to cause a long lasting damage to your skin, however when you sleep with makeup it can cause your skin pores to turn into more congested and finally this can effect in the formation of the microcomedone that draw the acne basis bacteria to enter you face skin pores. The following are some of the problems that are caused when you sleep with makeup on. They are:

  • Collagen degradation and premature aging
  • Acne flare ups
  • Dry complexion
  • Red, inflamed eyes and itchy skin

Good skin care routine before going to bed

What Happens When You Sleep With Makeup On?

When you cleanse you skin gently then you can get rid of this skin related problems where this cleansing your skin is found to be the key factor that reduces the spread of the harmful fungus, bacteria and viruses. In which the eye makeup, face makeup especially the mascara can harbor the harmful pathogens which can result in the infections and inflammation both in and around your eyes. So it is very much important to have the daily cleansing routine that can help you to reduce the contamination of your makeup as well. There are number of Korean oil cleanser are available in the cosmetic and beauty market where you can choose the best cleanser according to your skin type to get the best outcome.

One or two days of not cleansing is not likely to have the long term negative effects but developing the habit of not gently cleansing makeup often compromise the ability of your overall health of your skin and age of it. Gently cleansing the face makeup off and applying the beneficial moisturizers, cosmeceuticals and best oil cleanser Korean to your skin helps you to maximize the skins enhanced repair and it enhances the renewal processes during the sleep.


If you want to get rid of the face skin related issues then the dermatologist recommends using oil cleanser where you will be getting the best results and outcomes by using the cleanser. These cleansers contains the natural ingredients with it so it does not cause any side effects,  the only thing which you need to do is that you need to use this face cleaner properly as recommended by the dermatologists.

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